These people are a real joy to do business with. We were looking for a specific colour of red tile that appears to be limited & expensive . The staff member who was behind the counter acknowledged me as soon as I entered with eye & voice contact. She knew her stock, how long it would take to arrive or to manufacture and we took a couple of possible alternative tiles to the natural light for consideration & photographing. I took the cheaper alternative sample out to see what it looked like in situ. In the end we've decided to go with highlights of the expensive tile she first showed us.


I am writing to express my customer satisfaction with your staff member. We had a lot of difficulty and indecisiveness when choosing the right tiles for our bathroom laundry renovation being our first renovation in this area of the our house it was difficult to decide and envision how the tiles would look as an entire wall and floor. I visited two other tile shops prior to coming to Tile Trends Petone and found Kylie's positive friendly approach excellent. She was very patient and helpful with assisting us with making a decision on our choices for walls and floor.


Just wanted to show you a part finished area, your tiles were….perfect! Thank you for all your advice and supply! Till the next order, right!!


We recently have been doing our house up and got it retiled in the bathroom. The tiles look great, they gave us a lot of help with what was going to work and what wasn't which was wonderful.


The new tiles in the bathroom are amazing, they are white along with the grouting and they look so fresh and amazing and clean. Great tiles at a great price. I highly recommend this place for tile purchases.