Tile Trends – D.I.Y. Preparation


Tile Trends staff are always happy to advise the home handyperson on their tiling job. Tiling can be done by most people that have some basic handyperson skills providing they plan the job well, prepare the surface to be tiled properly, and follow the manufactures instructions on the installation products.


General Tiling Tips

The first tile you put down will determine where all your other tiles will go so it is important to plan your layout. Feel free to make pencil marks on the walls and floor because they will be tiled over.

  • Lay out a few floor tiles in all directions to see how they look and flow together from different areas.
  • Ensure the area to be tiled is sound, firm, level, clean, waterproof and free of dust, waxes and sealants.
  • Cut tiles should be located away from the focal points of the eye, such as in an entry way or at the front of a counter top.
  • Remember to use spacers to keep the grout joints even.
  • Clean any glue or grout off tiles before it dries and stay off the tiles until the glue or grout has dried completely. The general rule of thumb is 24 hours at 21c. If colder then 21c the drying time must be extended.
  • Keep a bucket of clean water and sponge with you when you tile so that you can clean up as you go.
  • Always read the instructions on all products you are using as they will provide you with valuable information on the correct use of the material, mixing instructions and approximate coverage. If you still have doubts after reading the instructions it never hurts to double check with us or the manufacturer before you start tiling.

Tiling Plan

It is a good idea to create a scaled tiling plan drawing as this will help you to determine the area required for tiling, the number of tiles and other materials necessary. Try to include as much detail as possible – even a bit of colour ­ in order get a feel of what the end result will look like.